Artist Profile: Obayya

obayya-selfObayya grew up in a small village called Puttur in Karnataka, India. He discovered art as a child when he used the walls of his room as the surface of his scribbling. It was when Obayya got admission at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts for Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts that he realised that he wanted to be an artist professionally.

“For me art is a way of expression of experiences & dealings with the ideas of sub-consciousness and consciousness that are transformed from my inner self interacting with sociopolitical matrix within which I exist. I take subjects from my surrounding society which I experience daily in my day to day life”.

Obayya prefers to use a monochromatic colour palate for his works, but occasionally he will work with three or four colours in one work. His favourite medium is acrylic. He is  currently working on themes around ‘crowds’ – monochromatic colour application with arrangements of human figures through transparent and opaque brush works.



His surroundings, the crowd of everyday life is the foremost influence and inspiration of Obayya’s creation. “Yes my inspiration changed over time…at the start of my artistic career I worked on the subject which was linked with different types of smell now I am working on the crowd of my surroundings”.

Artists Nalini Malani and Sudhir Patwardhan have made an deep impact on his work.

A recent group Exhibition held in Jehangir Art Gallery, from the 13th to  the 19th January 2015, Mumbai, India with some eminent artists of India is his most memorable exhibition till date. And his most memorable experience as an artist was whilst living in Kolkata when he was doing his Master in Fine Arts degree at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, India.

Obayya with well known sculptor G. Ravinder Reddy at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Obayya with well known sculptor G. Ravinder Reddy at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Finally, Obayya’s advice to young aspiring artists “Be sincere about your work. Honesty, dedication, hard working are the tools of success”.

To view Obayya’s works visit or if you would like further information contact us at


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