NuGa Arthouse pitches up at the Indian Mela in Cardiff

On the 16th of May 2015, NuGa Arthouse took part in its first Mela (which is essentially a fair, but more fun). This was not just any kind of Mela, but the Indian Mela in Cardiff, Wales!

IMG_6235Having close ties with Cardiff and having never done an exhibition there, we thought it was time to showcase some of our best, affordable arts by emerging Indian artists.  We were ready for it – but was Cardiff?

Well, the short answer is – YES! People came to browse, chat and tell us about the kinds of art they love. Some even took home their favorite piece home– which we hope has pride of place on their wall!

IMG_6233It’s not often that art enthusiasts have an opportunity to see quality art works outside of a gallery space.  Being available at the stall in a Mela makes these works more accessible and informal – and this exactly what we loved about participating in a Mela.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be invited again!


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