Behind the Scenes

Setting up an art exhibition is exhilarating, exciting and also a little bit scary.

When the art works arrive there is a sigh of relief that it all turned up as expected – no damages, no missing works and above all they look as good as you remember when you saw them for the very first time, and they made your heart skip a beat. That’s the good bit – and then it gets better -you want to share them with others.

This is exactly how we feel when we are ready to host a new exhibition. There is great anticipation to showcase works that are beautiful, rare, and meaningful. When we first saw the Kalighat Patachitra works from Calcutta, we were literally blown away. We had never seen such an extensive private collection of Kalighat works that were preserved so well. It is no small feat to look after works that are nearly 100 years old!

When Baithak UK suggested a collaboration with NuGa Arthouse to exhibit these works – it was a no brainer. Of course, we’d love to work on this, it had all the right ingredients: Kalighat paintings, The Nehru Centre, London, support from the Arts Council, England and the trust of the owner of these wonderful works – it was like music to the ears.

And so it began…






Numerous visits to The Nehru Centre gallery to work out the wall spaces. Lengthy discussions on framing and displays. Arguments over the choice of red wine, and endless drafts of invites and events flyers… the ‘to do list’ only increases as you get closer to the opening date. It’s a good thing we work well under pressure!








For the Kalighat Patachitra exhibition we were fortunate enough to find a group of wonderful volunteers who were keen to assist us with the set up. This was not only helpful, but so much fun. At the end of the day, it is all about the people that you work with.

Once all the works were finally on the wall, there was just enough time for a cup of tea and a quick change into our glad rags! Ready to open…



IMG_8181 IMG_5045



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