SEPTEMBER 2015: BENGAL POPULAR ART: Kalighat Patachitra

View our press release here:

Press Release Kalighat_jpg

OCTOBER 2012: GABY MOORE ‘An English Artist in India’







Gaby was mentioned in the Ahmedabad press 11 separate times for her exhibition and workshops.  Read below.

5th October – Ahmedabad Mirror Art in English Vinglish
5th October – Divya Bhaskar Gabrielle Moore Exhibition
6th October – Gujarat Samachar London Artist in Ahmedabad’s vicinity
7th October – DNA European Art comes visiting
8th October – Ahmedabad MirrorEnglish Taste
8th October – DNAPick of the Day
10th October – SandeshThe Relationship between Humanity and Colour
10th October – Divya Bhaskar A British Artists Workshop commenced in the City
11th October – SandeshGaby Moore gives a live sculpture and painting demo
11th October – Divya BhaskarImportant to keep the tradition of art alive
15th October – India TodayOur Pick of the Month





Proud to be mentioned by STATE, a magazine that is about new manoeuvres in painting and the visual arts – combined with f22, a supplement on developments in the fusion of art & photography. Read Issue 8 here.

JULY 2012: WANDERLUST by Rohit Chawla




Read NuGa Arthouse’s Press Release.
Wanderlust featured in Conde Nast Traveller.
Rohit Chawla talks to Ideas Tap about his Wanderlust series.
Wanderlust featured in The Independent.

JUNE 2012: Indian Artists of Yesteryear






Read NuGa Arthouse’s Press Release.

AUGUST 2011: Special Exhibition





Read NuGa Arthouse’s Press Release.

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